We pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards of the body piercing industry and the enthusiast alike. Our selection of surgical stainless steel jewelry will allow us to give even the most mundane piercing a fresh and unique look.





Tongue, Tongue Web

-Use ice/ice water to help reduce any swelling that may occur in the first week of healing.

-Use an antiseptic/antibacterial mouthwash after any oral contact that is not bottled water. -You may water down the mouthwash (30%) after the first week to decrease any irritation.

-Allow your piercing to fully heal before changing the jewelry.

DO NOT open mouth/tongue kiss, perform oral sex, eat spicy, crunchy or acidic foods or play with your piercing during the first week of healing.

 Ear, Eyebrow, Nose, Navel, Nipple, Genitals

-Thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap before cleaning your piercing.

-Use a fragrance and dye free antibacterial soap and cotton swabs 2 times a day to remove any build-up from the piercing and jewelry.

-Use sea-salt water (H2Ocean®) to flush piercing after each cleaning with antibacterial soap.

DO NOT use alcohol, peroxide, Bactine®, iodine, ointments or creams of any kind. These products can cause hypertrophic scarring, keloiding and/or infection.


Labret, Lip, Monroe, Medusa, Cheek

Inside: Follow ORAL aftercare.

Outside: Follow DERMAL aftercare.

DO NOT take the advice of friends, family or any other so called "piercing specialist" about the proper aftercare for your piercing. If you have any questions, contact your piercing professional!


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