Tattoo & Piercing regulations for minors in Monroe County

  • Must be atleast 17

  • Must have parental consent

  • Must have photo ID for both parties

  • Parent must stay with you througout the procedure


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Key West City Code

Sec. 122-1541. - Tattoo establishments—Purpose.

The purpose of this division is to regulate tattoo establishments for the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and visitors of the City of Key West; and to establish reasonable regulations for tattoo establishments to be located in Key West, in order to eliminate or to reduce secondary effects of such establishments upon both residents and visitors. These regulations shall be construed consistently with F.S. chs. 458 and 459, or 466.
(Ord. No. 07-14, § 2, 9-18-2007)

Sec. 122-1542. - Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this division, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
(1) Tattooing means the creation of an indelible mark, figure, word, or graphic illustration upon a human body by the insertion of pigment under the skin or by the production of scars. This definition does not include the application of henna tattoos.
(2) Tattoo establishment means any commercial activity, whether conducted intermittently or full-time, that involves the application of permanent tattoo material.
(3) Tattoo artist means a person that applies an indelible mark, figure, work, or graphic by the insertion of pigment under the skin or by the production of scars. This term shall also apply to body illustrations.
(Ord. No. 07-14, § 2, 9-18-2007

Sec. 122-1543. - General regulations

(a) The purpose of this section is to limit the number of tattoo establishments within the corporate boundaries of Key West in order to address their adverse secondary effects. The city commission finds the potential and actual adverse secondary effects to be: the potential deterioration of a preserved historic district; an increase in the incidence of disease; and land use incompatibilities.
(b) There are no tattoo establishments in the City of Key West; therefore, all tattoo establishments shall be established in compliance with all city regulations.
(c) All tattooing shall be performed inside the principal structure.
(d) All tattooing shall be performed by a person licensed to practice medicine or dentistry under F.S. chs. 458 and 459 or 466, or by a person under his general supervision. As used in this section, the term "general supervision" shall mean the supervision of the tattooist by a supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist, which supervision shall not require the physical presence of the supervisor when procedures are performed, but shall require the following items:
(1) The supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist, initially upon assuming duties as the supervisor and semi-annually thereafter, shall review and inspect the techniques, procedures, and equipment utilized by the tattooist in the performance of tattooing.
(2) The supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist shall provide semi-annual training for the tattooist in the areas of infection control, sterilization, and emergency procedures.
(3) The supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist and the tattooist shall develop jointly written procedures regarding the medical condition for individuals to receive tattoos, treatment of routine minor problems resulting during or from tattooing, and detailed procedures to be followed in the event of emergency situations developing during the performance of or as a result of tattooing. These written procedures will be maintained in a readily available location on the premises of the tattooist and a copy shall be maintained by the supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist. Such written procedures will be readily available for inspection and review by agents of any or all of the following: the agency for health care administration, the board of medicine, the board of osteopathic medical examiners, the board of dentistry, and the city license officer.
(e) A person certified in the use of a defibrillator, CPR, first aid, and blood borne pathogens shall be present on-site during the time tattooing is performed. All certificates must be prominently displayed in the establishment and copies of all certificates shall be submitted each year at the time of city licensing renewal.
(f) A Florida Department of Health (FDOH) biomedical waste permit shall be prominently displayed at all time.
(g) All biomedical waste shall be disposed of in compliance with the FDOH permit.
[(h) Reserved.]
(i) Smoking shall be prohibited in the tattoo establishment.
(j) Food or drink shall not be permitted in the work area.
(k) Autoclave equipment shall be spore tested monthly or every 40 hours of use, whichever occurs first. All testing and maintenance records shall be available for inspection.
[(l) Reserved.]
(m) There shall be a separate sink located away from restroom facilities for all tattoo establishment personnel for hygiene purposes.
(n) Floor area in the tattoo application work area shall be a sealed hard-surface tile, concrete, etc.
(o) The removal of tattoos shall be prohibited in any tattoo establishment.
(Ord. No. 07-14, § 2, 9-18-2007)

Sec. 122-1544. - Licensing.

(a) All city licensing approvals shall be provided to an owner of a tattoo establishment not later than 45 days from the date of the submittal of a complete application for a business tax receipt and the applicant's compliance with all building codes.
(b) In addition to the business tax set forth in section 66-109(1), the owner of a tattoo establishment shall pay to the city, on or before each October 1, an annual fee of $1,000.00 to defray the expense of regulation.
(c) Any applicant aggrieved by a decision of the licensing official, either by the choice of tattoo classification(s) or by the refusal to license a business as a tattoo establishment, may appeal the decision to a special master (other than the code enforcement special master) appointed by the city commission. The appeal shall be made in writing not later than ten days from the date the decision of the licensing official is rendered to the applicant. The special master shall conduct a hearing at the earliest mutually convenient time, giving notice and opportunity to be heard to the applicant. The applicant may be represented by counsel. The special master shall issue a written decision within ten days of the hearing. The decision of the special master shall constitute final administrative agency action.
(Ord. No. 07-14, § 2, 9-18-2007)

Sec. 122-1545. - Separation requirements.

(a) The proposed site shall be at least 500 feet from any other such use.
(b) The proposed site shall be at least 500 feet from the nearest house of worship, school (public or private), child care center, library, or public park. The beach area adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean shall not be considered a public park for the spacing criteria.
(c) The separation requirements set forth above shall be measured by following the shortest route of ordinary fare from the nearest point of the parcel of the proposed tattoo establishment to the other parcel (as listed above) in subsections (a) and (b).
(Ord. No. 07-14, § 2, 9-18-2007)

Sec. 122-1546. - Additional policies and procedures.

(a) Customer shall present identification.
(b) Customer shall sign a consent form.
(c) Customer shall not be visibly impaired by any substance, intoxicated or under the influence of any substance and shall sign a waiver attesting to such.
(d) Records for each customer shall be kept for five years.
(e) Customer shall receive oral and written instructions required for the receiving of and care of each tattoo.
(f) Tattoo artist shall use only single-use disposable ink containers.
(g) Tattoo artist shall only use sterile disposable one-time use needles.
(h) All artists shall wear medical grade gloves.
(Ord. No. 07-14, § 2, 9-18-2007)


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